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  • St. Patrick’s Day Recipe: Soda Farls April 5, 2020
    Ireland is probably more well known for its drinks than its food. In the north of Ireland, the national dish is the Ulster Fry. That’s fried bacon, sausages, fried egg and a bit of potato bread and soda bread farls. Though the quality of Irish bacon and sausages shouldn’t be under-estimated, it’s the breads that […]
  • April 2020 Cultural Diversity Review March 30, 2020
    Usually we start the review by highlighting the fun festivals that will distract people from their work and attract many of them to travel to experience the great gatherings of people. For most of the world, April will take place under the shadow of the Coronavirus outbreak. Most festivals are cancelled or reduced in scale. […]
  • Greek Independence Day Recipe March 25, 2020
    It’s the National Day of Greece today, marking the uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. This year, official celebrations are canceled due to Coronavirus. You can still celebrate this National Day with this tasty fish dish that has become synonymous with Greece Independence. March 25th always falls during Lent when eating meat and fish […]
  • Why we need to keep Celebrating our Holidays March 18, 2020
    There is no avoiding the fact that many of the major festivals of the world involve people coming together to celebrate – only a few months ago, we did a blog post on how the largest human migrations happen due to holidays. The current Coronavirus Pandemic and the global need for self-isolation and social distancing […]
  • Quiz: The Festivals of Lights March 9, 2020
    Happy Holidays to Hue! We can’t light up your house as if it’s the pyramids, however, if you have Hue lights in your house, you can join in by making your lights change to mark different holidays. Visit our page to choose an event. The post Quiz: The Festivals of Lights appeared first on Office […]

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