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  • Kumbh Mela January 23, 2020
    Often attracting over 200 million attendees, this Hindu religious festival is the largest festival and gathering of humans in the world. The legend behind Kumbh Mela (the festival of the sacred Pitcher) is that Hindu gods and demons were fighting over a kumbh (pot or pitcher), carrying amrit, the nectar of immortality, created after the […]
  • The Festivals behind the Biggest Human Migrations January 23, 2020
    Friday January 24th 2020, the eve of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) in China, sees the world’s largest human migration as, despite the spectre of coronavirus, hundreds of millions of people will leave cities across China to visit families and friends in rural parts of the country. Here are the top five festivals that […]
  • Inspirational Quotes: Martin Luther King Jr. January 20, 2020
    In 1986, the Third Monday in January became a Federal Holiday in the USA to honor the life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. To mark this day we have collected some of his most famous quotes. Martin Luther King Jr Day in The USA The post Inspirational Quotes: Martin Luther King Jr. appeared first […]
  • Lunar New Year set to disrupt business across south-east Asia January 17, 2020
    On Saturday January 25th 2020, the new moon will herald the new year for about one-sixth of the world’s population. Though the event is commonly known as Chinese New Year in the west, it is observed in many countries across east Asia, not just China. In China, it’s known as the Spring Festival – it’s […]
  • Every day’s a holiday… well almost January 17, 2020
    January 18th 2020 is a Saturday. Many of us will wake up, wipe the sleep from our eyes and feel relaxed and relieved that it is the weekend and we don’t have to go to work. That’s just as well as January 18th is one of a handful of days in 2020 when there are […]

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