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  • Veterans Day Quiz November 10, 2019
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  • You can Mourn your Unused Paid Holidays in Japan November 7, 2019
    There are a lot of public holidays in Japan with June the only month that doesn’t boost a public holiday. This isn’t because the Japanese like holidays – in fact the opposite is true – the high number of holidays is to try and encourage workers to take some time off. The country is known […]
  • November 2019 Cultural Diversity Review October 31, 2019
    November is a month of harvest festivals, some of the oldest holidays, that date back to when ancient farming communities gathered to give thanks for a good harvest, essential in surviving the imminent harsh winter. This year November also hosts the birthdays of the founders of two of the world’s great religions; Islam and Sikhism. […]
  • Malta gives extra annual leave to compensate for lost public holidays in 2020 October 17, 2019
    In Malta’s Budget on October 15th 2019, it was announced that one additional day of vocational leave will be granted to all workers in 2020 in order to compensate for the number of public holidays falling on a weekend. The same happened last year, which was understandable (but probably unnecessary) as in 2019, six of […]
  • Halloween Quiz October 16, 2019
    The post Halloween Quiz appeared first on Office Holidays Blog.

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