Canary Islands public holidays for 2020

The Canarian Executive has approved, in the Government Council, the 2020 labour calendar of the Autonomous Community, which includes 14 holidays in the archipelago. In a quiet year for substitution days, the only deviation from the standard calendar is that Spanish Constitution Day falls on a Sunday, so the following Monday will be observed a […]

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Andalucía Public Holidays for 2020

Decree 461/2019, of May 7th, has determined the calendar of labor holidays of the Autonomous Community of Andalucía for the year 2020. Not much in the way of holiday surprises for workers in Andalucía this year. The only holiday that shifts is Spanish Constitution Day. As it falls on a Sunday in 2020, the following […]

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La Rioja

La Rioja Public holidays 2020

In the area of ​​the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and during the year 2020, non-working days, for labour purposes, of a paid and non-recoverable nature, will be as indicated below. In addition, there will be up to two days of the year in each municipality of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, as determined […]

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