Fiji Mosaic from Principality Stadium, Cardiff

No Public Holiday in Fiji on Monday October 12th


The government of Fiji has reminded citizens that Monday October 12th 2020 will be a normal working day as Fiji Day falls on a Saturday.

The Fiji Day public holiday is gazetted for Saturday October 10th 2020 as provided for under the Employment Relations (Administration) Regulations 2008.
This was highlighted by the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Youth and Sports Honourable Parveen Kumar due to the increased number of queries received by the Ministry on the issue.
Minister Kumar further highlighted that Monday October 12th 2020 is not a public holiday. 

Kumar said: “Workers who will be employed during the public holiday (Saturday October 10th 2020) are required to be remunerated accordingly in accordance with the minimum terms and conditions of the relevant wages regulations in force.”

Fiji Day marks the anniversary of both Fiji’s cession to the United Kingdom in 1874 and its attainment of independence in 1970.